Rimini Riding Club
I am the founder, President and principal instructor of the Rimini Riding Club Inc (RRC). From humble beginnings in 2007 around a kitchen table with an inaugural committee of 5 members, we have grown from strength to strength with membership now at 36 members, and affiliation with the Horse Riding Club Association of Victoria (HRCAV). In 2008 four riders represented us at TTT dressage in Werribee. It was our first major championship as a club, and we gained 4th place overall. At the November 2009 TTT dressage we were proud to score 17th out of 65 competing teams, despite a minor injury on our lead horse.

I am principal instructor for dressage, ably supported by Pam Martin who is an accomplished show jump instructor for our jumping enthusiasts. Rallies are held once a month with private and semi private lessons offerred in the magnificent facilities at Rimini Park.
RRC Newsletter editor Susan Plum & 'Dude' competing at TT Combined Training 2009
At RRC we enjoy lunch, lessons and conversation together while learning the basics of establishing confidence and harmony with our horses. Sharing knowledge and experiences with other club members is an extremely useful tool for better understanding ourselves and our horses.

In recent months the 'junior' component of the club has grown in popularity with riders seeking instruction above and beyond what is offerred at pony club.
Membership is open to all riders between 6 and 75 years.
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